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Ron was born in Liverpool and studied Fine Art at Nottingham, Ravensbourne and Camberwell schools of Art. He came to Cambridge to become the Head of Art at Bottisham Village College. He has exhibited in London and a number of galleries in Cambridgeshire. His work is to be found in collections in America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan and several European countries. Ron uses a range of media: pastels, pen and ink, pencil but at present, he works almost exclusively in acrylics.

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Much of my work has been inspired by places of wild beauty that I have known for many years, such as Cumbria, Yorkshire and the Norfolk coast. I am particularly drawn towards the idea of nature reasserting itself on manís intrusions: wooden buildings, stone barns and discarded implements have always been a fascination.

There are also paintings of interiors as I am interested in the geometry of internal space. I like to create a sense of mystery by allowing the viewer a glimpse from one room to another, through a window or doorway, to imagine what lies beyond the confines of pictorial space. I occasionally add a solitary figure, preoccupied with something beyond our knowledge.